He is fifteen years old obsessed with a boy whom he is ruining his friendship with.
He is ruining his friendship with Dave, an online friend whom he tells all his problems with.
He does not know what to do with these people in his life which he thinks far too much about.
He often wonders if he’d be better off dead or just abandon them completely.
People now seem to distance themselves from him leaving him alone to just ponder with his thoughts.
A hobby he does have but even that can’t stop himself from thinking about these thoughts so much.
He looks at his watch 20 to 11.00.
he sees this is the time they’d normally talk everyday for nearly six months.
His favorite part of the day for him it used to be for him.
‘Life goes on’ ‘he’ll surely respond’ he tells himself.
But these words do nothing to help him.

He’s confused why he is not responding anymore.
Heard a problem I told dave?
These thoughts make him more and more stressed.
Sitting on his chair feeling like doing nothing.
But think and think and think…….

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