Thoughts and Feelings

As I gaze into your eyes,
I feel as I’m floating in the clear blue skies.
The sound of your voice to my ears,
Erases away all my fears.
With every message that you send,
My spirit, it starts to mend.
We say, “Let’s take it slow”
Everything else will go with the flow.
The day I’ll kiss your lips,
Guarantee it’ll be better than a Hershey Kiss.
The time we lock our hands that night,
To let them go, it’s a struggle and a fight.
The way you smile at me,
Makes me feel as if I’m free.
I’ll always be by your side,
So that way you’ll never have to hide.
As you’re finishing up reading this,
I’ve already sealed this with a “Hug and a Kiss” XOXO

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