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During the hours of the sun I'm depressed, but during hours of light i get the best sleep & rest. Bright light of moon, im happy, but i cant sleep & my eyes are alert during those hours of shade.. eyes are lurking, breathing heavy & my brain strolling on strayed.

I dwell every day, hour, minutes to every second ...about life, death, the past, future and present...Happiness is my fear and theory of diagnostic attachment is what I fear. Everyday shedding a tear, zoned out until I realize the shadows are hear.

Sitting in a chair....zoned into a white blank wall. My body is frozen until I hear footsteps..I cant tell who's there...the smell of metal (its coming)....the footstep bat to the head with a pitcher of blood featuring the present, past, future and now is there. Blind sided by mistakes, embarrassment and defeat in the air.

All blooded up...a voice in my ear...I'll be back. Damaged.

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Think of a hollow baseball bat...full of blood from your past, present and future experience in life.