Thoughts from a Desk of a Slave

beneath the roof you kept me in,
the roof i was raised in,
the shelter i had for the rainy days,
and to escape from the hot sun,
but did i ask for anything else,
you tell me you are gonna take away everything i have,
but only if you know the roof you gave me is all i have,
take away everything and all i have is you and the hope you give,
why dont you just kill me and let me rest in peace...
you dont see the pain you give me,so then i doubt you are blind
then you cant ear the painful words you say,
and deny that you ever said it,
that makes me think that you are all deaf,mute & blind...
you thought you had to go through pain when you were little,
but what about the pain your giving,
to the mother of the unborn child...
not having what you want for you is pain,
then look at the people who starve for just a peaceful day...

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