Thoughts from a Rainy Day

Looking on these clouds rolling away,
Conceal the blessings of a new day.
Though the rain may last a while
Must we depart this awaited trial?
As the droplets fall to Earth
They provide substance for a rebirth.
The dying ground made live again:
A feat that which no man can mend.
Without these rains, who can fathom
What would happen should no one bridge this chasm?
It is the water that cries out life
Though not without temporary strife.
The Lord is good in all He does.
He waters the Earth, He always was!
The divine Gardener attends to his seed,
waters them all just what they need.
While the rain bombards the land,
Disrupting the dirt and depressing man,
Lork forth! Life spring out from death:
The fruit of this trouble brought light from the depth.
So, let troubles pour down like rain,
let them wash over us and course through our veins.
Though it will hurt and not feel so great,
The God of Salvation says, "humanity I will remake!"

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