Thoughts In Agony

Differential heartbeats

Simultaneously beat as one.

Amplifying the madness

Now the reverberations have begun.

Wave on wave of fury

Antagonizes this hate in me.

Exploiting every weakness.

Altering the reality I see.

Devious Desires dance maniacally,

Among the anarchy of my dreams.

Contaminating my logic and reasoning

With the fiendish ideas they bring.

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Key Words : Love, heartbreak, relationships, sorrow

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This Poems Story

A few years back, me and an old boyfriend from high school ran across each other and started what I believed was a relationship, only for me to find out later that he was apparently in several relationships. He was a manipulative narcissist and always got extremely angry when his mind games didnt work with me. This just came to me one day after an argument we had.