Thoughts in Corners

In every corner of every classroom they hid
Thoughts left unthought by students too oblivious to think them
No one dared go near them, yet there they remained
Screaming silent, agonizing pleas for freedom
Horrifying wails erupting through the night
Crying to be spoken and released from their torture
Bars rattling, draining every last ounce of strength
From prisoners sentenced to their icy cells
Thrown in by hands that refused to raise
So many innocent thoughts cast into abandonment
By the simple, panic-stricken decision of quiet students
Who expelled them from their minds entirely
Influenced only by fear not to proclaim the answer
To shout out to every ear hidden by miles of seperation
Spreading far and wide like golden sunlight
Bringing the warmth of knowledge and delight of wisdom
But because it wasn't, the thoughts now exist as mere ghost
The cool, haunting breeze placed on the necks of students
During the last fleeting moment before an exam
Is in fact the hushed whisper of thoughts
Tempting minds with what could have been
The knowledge they could have possessed
Now floats away on the torn edge of a leaf
Or the battered wings of a passing sparrow
Once neglected, the knowledge is banished and forgotten
Only to be remembered as thoughts in corners

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