Thoughts of emotions

the blissfulness of watching the one you love from afar
them being without acknowledgment they hold the match to a blaze longing to be lit
sleeping without your goodnight feels like a rule long since broken
while carrying a weight of shame equivalent to a mountain immune to weathering

the sharp pain in my chest like a short lived drowning when i hear your name
the only emotion the void let’s into the opioid like heart i’ve grown to call mine
I only have one reason to hate you,it's the thoughtful aftermath.
I can no longer protect others from my own. you broke the only thing i could trust you with .

the empty remains of a love that has been blown away by time is void in feeling
i’m not brave enough to watch you love another soul
i fear the sword will forever be stuck in the stone if it falls to me to take the ghastly step to reveal my truth to you
once the sleepless nights were gone you filled my dreams with a serenity of awareness

i’m in love with your favorite color as if it’s my own solely because it’s my most vivid memory of you
i’ll let you incinerate every last piece of me with fore warning because losing you would accomplish just that
should love have to be proven or should it just be blindly trusted
the heartbroken would say proven but the living the opposite

you cannot love someone into loving you
like wishing on a shooting star putting your most desired reality on it before with a blink it’s gone
truth spoken to calm others raging storms
can cause you realization of a lifetime of deafness

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