Thoughts of Home

It’s only now I have begun too see
The beauty of the land I’ve left behind me.
I do not speak of our land as a whole,
But of the place I call my home.
Out of my window I wish to gaze,
At the cows in the grass on which they graze,
at the fields so green that stretch for miles,
at the birds who scratch at the roof tiles,
at the sun as it’s sets behind the trees, their branches gently swaying in the breeze.
Out of my window I wish to hear, the silence of the land I love so dear,
the echo of the parlour, as night draws close, these are the things I miss the most.
Oh, so peaceful and so free, here is where I long to be.
Nobody here will understand, no woman, child and or man,
The love I have for this place,
The place we call Ballygroman.

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This Poems Story

I’ve moved away from home 5 months ago, and some days I get very homesick. I come from a small countryside village and I grew up on a farm surrounded by nature. Now I live in a big city where my only view is traffic and grey buildings.