Thoughts of man

By Freeman   

The ugliest people can be the most beautiful,
I can't take music out my heart it's in removeable,
I question what goes on that is it really suitable,
To waste so much in the world when it's reusable,
But it's a corrupt up world can I say what's chooseable,
To send food and old clothes to those that need it more that you.
We can't always listen to our inner voices,
As we're all faced with choices that can either make us or destroy us,
But the odds are one against the world so no wonder life's a blunder,
I wish I had that fire back I need that inner thunder,
Don't let the world destroy ya even when life can be torture,
I know I'll never have enough dough to afford a lambo or a porcha,
But no that doesn't bother me cause to me I got it all,
Cause as long as I got my family I can't ask for nothing more.

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Thoughts and feelings of life growing up