Thoughts of mine

I speak the spoken word
I tell stories that should already be heard
I speak of the father that raped the child
I write for everyone in my own style
I write of the runaway, that’s into drugs
I write of hurt
And my idea of love

I say things that the youth can’t say
I speak of violence
What’s happening today?
I tell what I see and not what I heard
That’s why they call me the girl of the word

I speak of the mother that downs the child
And how she does her best to keep her smile
I speak of the loveless girl with her legs spread
I need love is what she thinks in her head

I speak of the boy
Who never met his dad
And turned to drugs because that’s all he had
I speak of the flunky, who wants to fit in
Still doing bad
While his friends move ahead

I speak of the father who wants his son
Who’s kept by the woman that was not the one
I think of the girl who lies all the time
“Please let me fit in”
Is what she thinks in her mind

I speak of these teens who “rep” these hoods
And the people who die from it that are trying to do good

I write of the girls who fight over the boy
Who treats them both as his own special toys
I write of the girl whose mom keeps her closed in
And how she sneaks to do her sins

I speak of me,
A curious girl
Confused about all of the world

I tell. I speak. I write it all down
In a journal of my own style

By: Ashley Williams

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