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"To be or not to be?" is the most famous quote by William Shakespeare
and a question we have all heard before. But it is true in the poet's
mind that the pen is mightier than the sword. A way a person thinks may be
greater than another but if one loses all thought is he considered
crazy? Ill minded? No, he is tortured by the fear and the fact that
every day he must live with the evil and hatred in his head, trapped
in like a prisoner behind bars, hearing that jailbird sing day in
and day out, wondering what he is going to do with his future. Will
he stay trapped like a caged animal? Will he break out and be free
of this everlasting depression? Or will he just lose all hope and
lose the sight of the path the others once had? The choices are made
clear to him, but the mistakes along the way of each path take a
greater toll than the last. However in the end of this game of life,
we must all think and wonder, was the path we chose the best in our
decisions or did greater things lay ahead for us? With that in mind
is this reality at all or are we just pawns in the cruel game called

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This Poems Story

I wrote this poem for all the untold stories, for all the unheard voices and even voices that can't physically be heard from all of the victims of bullying. Just because someone is different doesn't give society the right to be judge, jury and, in most unfortunate situations, executioner. To all of those who may be seen "different" to society, be proud of who you are. Everyone tries so hard to be someone different, but you choose to be you. I have the most respect for the courageousness you have. Thank you. In loving memory and dedication to Kacie Palm.