Thoughts on Love


There are lovers who lie
to themselves at night,
wanting to believe
everything’s right...
so blind is their sight;
‘cause their minds
are consumed with love.

( 2 )

The serenity that lies between two lovers,
leaves a clear and free spirit to relax
and understand the souls it possesses.
for no longer are their bodies separate,
and no longer are their minds divided.
Their innate manifestation:
euphoric peace and unrelenting love.

( 3 )

Sometimes the silence of one's words
which leaves much room to surmise,
is the heartfelt honesty within the mind,
which is far more overwhelming and precise
with a quiet touch of emptiness.

( 4 )

is something one needs
to love,
is something that’s hard
to Trust.

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Key Words : Love, Philosophy, Free Verse, Feelings, Thoughts

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Just what the title says... Thoughts on love.