Thoughts rekindled

Reminiscing the shades of battle once happened,
Thoughts playing all round the world,
Never ever before have I ever felt;
The pain of red,until I know about this bloody battle.
All that I knew was about the happiness of the red.
Yes,The red carpet it is!
Even before my age teaches me what it is,
I felt a kind of overwhelming emotion towards it.
Shades turned around,
It was the time of Autumn.
My well-to-do family suddenly lose all of the riches;
It was a time of struggling for the bread winning.
Life started to teach the red in the other way around.
That's when my thoughts turned around,
And that's when I look at the underprivileged.
Thoughts rekindled.
Yes indeed a spring of realisation it was!
Spirit of winning the battle made me an athlete,
Not only for the red,but also for the right red,
For the right people.
No one here is inferior than the other!
Thoughts rekindled the same way, multiple times.
At times, thoughts are at it's best!
Only for the best to happen!

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