Thoughts Released

Release my thoughts through a pad and pen. Feelings fester deep
within confining me to an emotional prison. Asking god each
night why the answers seem so dim; the view from here is pretty
grim. From where does all this mental madness stem. All I wanna
do is win; unobtainable as if a sin. Close this prayer once again
with a sincere amen. Here we go again...expectations...and then
disappointment takes a few steps in slowly working to condem.
Your actions no longer I'll defend; broken promises that may
not mend. Is all this real or just pretend. To this place I've
already been; and I do not wish to attend. My invitation
I must resend for I have no more wasted time to spend. I lack
forgiveness to extend with decisions I must tend; pressure
mounting to a possible end. Finding strength is where I must
begin for my patience is wearing paper thin. Ignore temptation
to not give in; will power is my friend. Defend all it is that
you intend and positive things shall trancend. Can you hear me;
do you completely comprehend that the time is there to apprehend.

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