Thoughts to My Sister

Never was timing really good, forever, that way, misunderstood.
Your weights and measure, not in his fate, to treasure
As it is, be it, as it should.
Broken are tears, so many, crying into winds, not heard?
A brother strange, his word
Long ago, where eddy breaks, a mother's promise, Heaven forsakes
Like driftwood tossed, a sister's scornful loss
Like worn away words, in stone, from remembering pain, alone
An old tree's withered leaves fall to Earth, where angels moan
Fast hurried life and almost gone
Last and forever, nothing ever lasts
Watch, as the seagulls laugh and dance
Sometimes taunting, mostly to chance
Hard to choose, to gain or loose
A balancing act, a tightening noose
Delusioned father's alcoholic's grip, of beckoning seas, wanting ship
Seeking waves, that never come, wishing for freedom's silent drum
Circling hands, of shadows cast, disregarded like so much trash

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This Poems Story

I was the seagull and also the wave! I was the seagull that taunted the chance, to get my sister and father to stop being so serious and have fun! Their idea of fun surrounded egocentric blindness, for the love of money and "keeping up with the Joneses"! I waived my father's freedom, because he "ate me" and stole my childhood happiness. They were both contemptable, for their lack of empathy, and giving of themselves, buying gifts instead, as a bribe, because the act showed good grace for Mom!