Three Beats to My Hearth

My first heartbeat was the birth of my first son, Shawn.
My second heartbeat was the birth of my beautiful daughter, Sarah.
My third heartbeat was the birth of my second son, Nicholas.
My three heartbeats are everything to me.
They are all the joy that can be times three.
My life is so full because of them.
Their smiles, great humor & their kind hearts sets them apart.
My kids are truly my life.
Without them I would be empty inside.
My three heartbeats are what keeps me alive.
It is an honor to be called their mother.
They give me strength beyond belief.
Their happiness and well being are my wish for them.
My hope is that they will be there for each other when I can't.
The 3 heartbeats need to be as one.
To follow their hearts, to love and be loved.
My love for them is the purist feeling I have ever felt.
I am so proud of the people that have become.
Their beauty is inward and outward.
They are my love, strength, and above all my gift.
My 3 heartbeats are the greatest blessing.

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