Today I wanted to be an optimistic; their in I wrote
the world is too wider and too peculiar
to linger on one and the same pain
so get up; get out there, if you can
find anew and different suffering and season

And I remember correctly the yesterday
I had kissed the wine of pessimist way; there after
haven't you forgotten all the prays and devotion
elders say calls to heaven never goes in vain
yet thee cast the shadow of affliction, to create
another meagre soul of tormentation
oh invisible hand! tell me haven't you forgotten

Tomorrow I hope to be calm, I would be neutral
utilitarian or individualistic I stand at bedevil
I like the thought, world is an imagination
but idea of the greater good seems practical

Whatever trivial erudition I shall choose
to my appeasement
I am set to travel in the eternity of the triangle.

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