Three Inches Tall

I am little, I am small
I am three inches tall
Swept up by a vacuum, came out tiny
My voice was starting to get whiney

My vision quickly turned hazy,
And I think to myself, "Am I going crazy?"
I slowly realized that there was no turning back
I am three inches tall, and that was that

What is my pillow now? Will it be lint?
And what will I have for dinner tonight? Ah, I will have a mint
Will my family think I am gone? What will my friends do?
It was time to tell my relatives what went down,
But my tiny little brain forgot the way to town

Three inches tall, the struggles I am facing
I think that it's my imagination
But I walk around the room, quickly pacing
Finally, an idea, struck in my head

Good thing I woke up, safe and sound in my bed!

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This Poems Story

I am a ten-year-old girl from Massachusetts who loves to write. My mom, Paula, was the person who inspired me to enter this contest. My dad, Michael, is also a huge supporter. "Three Inches Tall," my poem, was inspired by my wonderful writing teacher at the Saturday Course at Milton Academy. She told us to let our imaginations run wild, and that is exactly what I did. Everyone who loves and cares about me has always been there for me. My poem was written by me, but my friends and family inspired it.