Three Punches in my Heart


Covid-19, earthquakes, hurricane Maria.
My beautiful ad small island, Puerto Rico.
Hit by three enemies. September brought the hurricane.
Earthquakes and shaking grounds gave us another punch.
Pandemic in March knocks down us so hard.
The worst punch in my heart. Devastated. No way out.
Long lines, hunger, poverty, no water, no power.
No gasoline, blue tarps, unemployment. Dead people,
sick people, scared people, depressed people.
Hospitalized people, lockdown, curfew, masks.
Forensic bodies waiting for burial. Schools closed.
Covid is universal. Social media reminders, wash your
hands,, cover your face, keep distance.
Politics. Corruption. A state or a colony? Confused.
Only my garden, only my flowers, the sound of the wind,
the sound of the rain. Missing kisses from my grands,
from my loveless.
Missing hugs of friends and
family. Missing church. Missing a family member
who was shot. Missing funerals to say goodbye.
Missing traveling. Missing good morning, good night from
someone. Asking for blessing for the ones who served.
Asking for blessings for the ones who left.
Every night dripping tears. It doesn't matter.
Who cares about the three punches in my heart?

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