Three Wishes from Main Street

I stumbled across a road less traveled
It spoke to me and said, "Hey, you, what are doing here?"
Startled at first, I cleared, thought, and spoke back
The road pick up the ground, and told me to leave
And if I didn't the sky would fall and earth would rumble beneath
Oh, please Mr. Road, could you help me get back to Main Street?
I will help you, he said, if you grant me three wishes
Three wishes? how can I do that?
Click your heels three times, and think a happy thought
For my first wish, I wish to have a brand new pair of shoes
The second is for you to get me a large rock
And the last one, you have to take me with you
I clicked my heels three times and thought about Main Street
and before I could blink
The shoes were on his feet and the rock had appeared in 3D
Mr. Road got up out of his chair and we headed out
I looked at him and said, "I sure hope Main Street is fun,
but what's with the large rock?
He look at me and replied, turned and tossed the rock at his chair
I laughed and said, "yea, but what if I need to get back
to Main Street again?"
"Oh that's easy, I'll just click my heels three times
and hit myself with the rock and tell people someone stole my shoes"
The end.

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