Through Darkness I Found the Light

My whole life I have been at war,
War with myself and war with those
Whom I so innocently allowed to walk into my life.
Those who sucked the color right out of me
Who turned my world to grey.
Years of hopelessness and a bitter darkness
I thought would never fade.
In a klonopin-induced hysteria
I entered the oh-so-familiar hospital walls.
Stripped of my dignity, dispirited, and crestfallen
The restraints tightened around my body.
My mind begging for a reprieve; why can't I just sleep?
As the needle penetrates my skin,
I pray this will be my last day on Earth filled with darkness.
And then I sleep.
I wake, apprehensive, yet determined.
I will bring the color back into my life.
No longer fearing my vulnerability, but embracing it.
I make each moment count.
I dissect the demons that have trapped me
in the darkness for far too long.
I slay them with a tenacity that I never knew lay within.
To my surprise the color returns.
The darkness has turned to light and I am free.
Life. Begins. Now.

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