Through Ears…

through ears

black, sorrel, chestnut, palomino, charcoal grey,
red roan, sorrel again, bay,
now, dapple grey
many are the colors of ears
through which I've viewed the world
in trails stretching out before me

ears that have been attentive,pricked forward,
ears that have been relaxed, drowsy
ears that have twitched at the touch, the bite,
the buzzing of relentless deer flies
ears that cocked back to hear a tune crooned gently, lovingly.
ears that pressed flat back on occasion
to warn a brother who was being annoying,
a trail rider crowding, close or one wanting to pass.

I miss those pairs of ears,granted, some more than others
the black,the sorrel (again),most sorely, the bay
still, a contented sigh escapes my lips
as I see the world today
through ears
that are dapple grey

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