Through It All We Are Meant To B

Our love was so strong
What went wrong
Every day I sit and cry
Wondering why
Why did you leave us alone
You just up and left your home
I’m trying my best
to stand this test
but it's so hard to be here without you
and that's the true
my heart has been broken apart
now I don't know where to start
From day one your family didn't want us together
but we prayed to make it last forever
we had some ups and downs,
We have faced some many frowns
from the rights to the wrongs
we tried our best to stand strong
but they pushed us apart
but deep in our hearts
we are dying to be together
and make things last forever
I pray that your family can understand
that you have changed from a boy into a man
but I guess it's hard for them to see
That through it all we are meant to be

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