Through June

While I sleep, I am dreaming
about car rides with the windows down, hoping to get lost.
When I can no longer remember your face,
I will still be looking for you.
Even when we change our atoms will find each other.
Every place we went to still lingers with the scent of being.
It was not routine to lose you.
My head spins like pinwheels from summer walks,
talks of living in a home full of laughter.
Recite to me the verses you keep.
Your colors are still in every sunset.
I leave over-thinking and insecurity at your door,
still trying to dust off the ignored parts of myself.
Lend to me your shoulders,
ones that don't carry the weight of the world.
In time, maybe I already know this will pass,
Like how the caterpillar already knows it will have to shed its skin.
You don't ask someone how much time
it will take for them to figure it out,
not in the way you ask someone how their weekend was.
Caught between holding on and breaking,
catching the faith you tried to throw away.
Bring me to your paradise, whatever that may be.
Bring me to yourself:
your lies, your breakdowns, the caps of your knees.
Your hands bring the warmest glory I have ever known.
Unsettling heart, searching eyes,
and notes that ask "Can we try again?"
Wherever you are now, I have left that magnificent flame with you
It is emphatically and perfectly yours.

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