Through My Sisters’ Eyes

Little sisters',
Never could I understand what it is for you
To grow up in this violent man's world
is it scary to you?
Do you believe your tale will ever show a faerie to you?
Much more likely that death show his face to you
But long live your innocence and giggly laughter
One hundred thousand years of big sisters that run free
And little sisters that run higgledy-piggledy after
What is it like to be the gentler sex in this murdering man's world?
Do you note the dead?
Glass ceilings overhead?
Oh! The cages you were born into
And yet, strength rumbles like a storm in you
How do you thrive? In this angry man's world
When men thrive off pain and destruction
Entitled to that power they're accustomed
It seems they've no regard for humanity
Nor aware of their insanity
How can you stand it? Living in this hate-filled man's world
When love is in your nature
When to care for creation is your nature
Little sisters, the world is truly yours
And what a burden that must be

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