Through Ocean Emerald Eyes

The ocean waves hug her bare feet
in sweet reconciliation, witnessing
the universe illuminate inside
of her emerald green eyes.
The crashing bountiful sea
revives her drowning soul
with each sweep of sea salt,
whisking through her lengthy tangles.
A frigid mist encounters
her earthly decrepit body
whispering the secrets of
life and death in her dazed heed.
The rich reflection of the full moon nourishes her weary body,
cherishing every ounce of her pure existence. The heavens devour
her evermore scorn wisdom,
silencing her piercing woe.
The profound somber of the horizon coincides with her demons
as she is sacrificed
through her beckoning worldly vices,
bonding them eternally.
She relinquishes her meek heart and soul back into the heavens,
surrendering the phantoms
of her distant past. The brilliant painted skies brush gentle kisses onto her pale human form, salvaging her vitality once more. She stands peacefully looking through ocean emerald eyes.

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