Through Passages of Past

As I attempt to guide the mind's free wings
Through time's imprints and passages of past,
Unclear were some, I find, in distant past,
They held my breath as time did flap its wings.
When time befriended me, untying what clings
To life, and raised barriers unsurpassed,
I trusted time, in ways that I amassed
The spirit pioneer that time thus brings.
Adhered to life, I, like objects on springs
To cross a territory of time vast.
Though trials deliver many unwelcome stings,
The hands of time did fashion me at last,
Reflecting signs that stand in place of things.
Imprints of time, this way, will forever last.

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This Poems Story

The progression of life has left imprints in my soul that has fashioned me into the person that I am today.