Through Saddened Eyes

A Cracker-Jack memory--
Ripped open and devoured
By the selfish poli-children
Who took office pledging the contrary--
Leaves a precious scent
And the promise of good taste lingering
--Our hunger only tantalized--
With no nutritional value meant.

The president admits we tortured,
Our foreign friends bemoan NS-pionage.
The "projects"-dwellers--robbed and libeled--
Trust-imbued, now but burned and charred.
Our fire-fighters follow close suit--
The chokehold police and principals, too.
Those sworn to protect and help,
But instead our glorious ideals refute.

Social programs run their course--
Reminders of our great possibilities--
Gone and spent on the small society.
The few benefiting from those they endorse.
The Cracker-Jack memory
Nags and warns
Of the greatness lost
Through thinking opportunistically.

But, can I believe my saddened eyes?
Behold, there is--yet unscathed--the Cracker-Jack prize.

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