Through The Ages

Those ancient bright lights
Shining through the branches of the trees
Whisper of new beginnings…
The clouds disperse in the skies
Pieces of cotton balls above
Writing many of stories to the Angles
Follicles of the long-streamed past
Flourish under God’s wristwatch
A mirror in repair
Brings only glimpses of the new reflection
Let the past rest
The flames of pain light the path
To becoming a walking shooting star

Journeys flourish under the Almighty God’s wristwatch
The Moon has guided many of generations
We belong amongst the stars
When they shine those old and ancient bright lights
The older paths show the way
While the newer paths are not yet paved
Which ones shall we choose to take?
A group of birds flies away
Off into the winter…
“That’s the wrong way!”
The ancestors scream…
The young ones don’t listen
Meanwhile, there’s a dry dirt road
Where a woman goes to get her stories
Then, a group of birds flies in…
“Tweet, tweet, tweet, tweet!”
They tell her of legends
She interprets
Ancient recognizes ancient
Both half children,
Experience still roams around in them
Two sides battling
The young and the old
Painting a new image of God
The modern model of miracles approaches
From only within us

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