Through the Eyes of a Child


Your sparkling eyes see the wonder of things,
My tired eyes have long failed to notice
Twinkling fireflies on a summer night,
Morning dew glistening on wet grass.
Flower buds opening to greet the day.
Seedlings sprouting in soft, damp earth
Sunlight reflecting on a spider web.
Rainbows after a summer shower.
Billions of stars in a clear night sky.
Fireworks on the 4th of July.
Blowing dandelion fluff into the wind.
Shapes you see in clouds in the sky.
I hear you mimic the songs of birds.
And wordless melodies you hum
As you dance across the lawn.
I smile at the songs you make up
And sing to no one in particular.
The sound of your laughter as you
Tumble and play with puppies & kittens.
I see and hear the world anew,
Through your youthful delight.
I can see a hopeful future
Through the magical eyes of a child!

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