Through the Eyes of A Child

To live through life with the mentality of a child
Would be the greatest blessing in disguise
Untainted opinions; still innocent, yet wild
Sometimes the free spirited are richer than the wise.

The thought of having an unbiased soul
Or a mind that hasn't yet been molded
One who only has the truest thoughts to be told
So pure; A person's cards that haven't yet been folded

The scars life leaves on people is such a shame
The battle we fight to stay honest and true
Becomes nothing more than a pointless game
When everything old is just replaced with something new

Claims to loyalties are just mere lies
Although some may be upheld for awhile
But ultimately, no one will standby to hear the cries
If they feel they've found a path that is more bright

To live with the heart of a child
The innocence, loyalty, and honesty that is so blunt
Well, then, life might seem a little more worth while
The opportunities would be forever to come.

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