Through the eyes of an Trucker..

To you,100miles may feel like you're driving forever.
As if the road don't end, no, never .

Behind the wheel of this 18 wheels of steel..
To get back on the road is the only way I feel!

Engine proudly roaring, exaustpipe loudly snoring..
As I deliver your needs at night or in the morning.
Long hours throughout the nights cross boarding..
You will see nothing my Truck'sbright lights!
You know I'm near,so take another sip of your beer.
Without a trucker,his horse and link..
You wouldn't have any beer in-store left to drink!
So think about your grosery store..
The next time you hear that engine roar.

An please do keep in mind,not to leave me behind.
Although we make lots of noise.
We still bring your children's toys.
May God bless the truckers today.
For they keep our hunger away,
And those 100miles, that you, feel endlessly far away..
Pray for truckrs that's from home many miles away.

For once, see the world through the eyes of a trucker.
God bless all highway junkies,and, the grease monkeys.

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