Through the Eyes of Father Time

I held you in my arms as I have done a thousand thousand times before
Your emerald eyes gazed upon my countenance
As your tiny fingers grappled at my mask
In one shuddering pulse a life ends
And I was burying you amidst a sea of bone and ash
Scattering dust, which glistened like the stars in Heaven
As it swirled around us
The moon cast its blue rays down onto the lonely earth
Creating spires from shadows
Ghosts plant wilted lilies around your ivory crypt
Bony fingers trembling
From the depths of your cracked and dusty tomb an infant emerges
Its frail heart singing
It looks at me and babbles nonsense
Then scrambles away to wallow in filth
I watch on as it takes from the earth
Assembling castles from sand, unfazed even when one crumples
Suddenly a great cloud blots out the night sky
And a flash of lightning dances on the horizon
I cast my gaze upon the child
And know it is ignorant of the brewing storm
With a pitying smile, I crouch down at its side
And prepare to erect with it a palace
Accepting that the rain will then wash it all away

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