Through the Motions

Something’s coming over me, what’s this emotion?
Is it love, or lust
All I know is that it’s strong like an explosion
Is it hate or fear
It’s like I’m enchanted by the strongest potion
Is it happiness
Sometimes it pulls me under like waves in the ocean
Could it be sadness
All of these feelings seem to go unspoken
Maybe it’s boredom
Maybe my brain just wants to cause commotion.
What if it’s disgust
My head is scrambled, so I take ibuprofen
My mind’s like a rose
It may be pretty but the thorns leave me broken
Maybe it’s calmness
And the silence is what’s causing the bad omens
Then it is peaceful
But I’m still unsure of what my mind has chosen
I don’t seem to know
What to do with myself, I’m being woven
Into confusion
When I figure it out, I’ll take that token
In admiration
Because I survived going through the motions.

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