Through The Rain

The walls of this room should have crumbled
Should have crumbled a long time ago
From all the tears that have ran down this face
And soaked up every corner and space.
Those nights I curled up on my pillow
And sobbed as my heart broke in two
All those teardrops, they flooded my bedroom
I wondered if I’d ever make it through.
Someone must have held me those long nights
And wiped my tears away
Cause somehow this room is still standing
Even though its been through the rain.
Now there’s walls around this heart of mine
And the windows are barred up tight
I know that I need to tear them down
But it hurts so much inside.
Lord, teach me how to trust again
Show me what love really means
I know the world will always let me down
But you’re all that I’ll ever need.
Jesus, thank you for holding me those long nights
And for wiping my tears away
Cause you’re the only reason I’m still standing
Even though I’ve been through the rain.

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