Through the Shattered Glass

Distorted is the world through glass that’s shattered
Disgusting is the reflection in the mirror that’s cracked
Divided is the heart seen through the eyes of a wounded soul
Blank is the wall of white in the background of the silence
Bright is the light keeping the seeing blinded in pain
Broken is the movement of stillness inside the abused
Deafening are the screams of the woman in prayer
Destructive are the bridges forged in insecurity
Demeaning are the scars branded on the faces of the gullible
Bent are the wisps of hair outlining the faces of the damned
Boisterous are the tears on the cheeks of a rejected love
Bloody are the cuts running deep in the veins of the dying
Dripping is the nightgown worn in loss of innocence
Deceptive is the intoxication of the chill of the mist
Delicate is the severing of truth in the lie of this world
Beguiled is the scent of sweat on the brow of suffering
Black is the day of the rising sun in the shadows of the moon
Baffled is the genius by the murmurs of the insane
Dazzled is the lonely by the lacking affection of time
Degraded are the lusting in search of meaning
Despoiled is the body in the blink of a lifetime
Bitter is the joy in the picture of self-loathing
Battered are the lips cracking dryly in the rain
Bandaged are choruses strained in colanders of critics
Detained is the mind of an emotionless meltdown
Defined are the boundaries in spite of death
Deserted is the work of an author in surrender

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This Poems Story

This poem is an abstract story of what my life is currently like. There are pieces that are jagged and others that are smooth. I think this poem is a representation of a deep subconscious connection to a higher level of thinking.