Through the Soul

Through the soul, beautiful essences glorify my love for the world
As I speak, I elevate minds with words of wisdom, uplifting burdens
My soul is your forte, so stand and free your spirit
The sky is deep with many clouds, know it is not your limit
With eyes wide open, we overlook physics which may set us free
Through the soul, we travel distances in which the body cannot reach
If those who cannot practice what they teach, why do they teach?
They stop us from spreading our wings, yet we soar
Some souls are lost deep in the spiritual road, yet ask for more
Are you not afraid of what awaits?
Are you not at peace with the pace you make?
It is your determination to move forward that amazes me
Edging me to to guide you through this road, waiting patiently
If the end approaches and you do not stand strong
Know that this is not the road in which you belong
Move on lost soul, be gone
By dawn, another story will await you
Through the soul, feel the spirit as it glows
Do not let it overtake you, but stand strong
And let these words elevate you

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