Through The Storm

A mother Blue bird with 2 chicks new born
Stayed with her babies through a recent storm
The wind was strong and the nest came down,
Bringing the limb and the birds to the ground
The mother bird and little ones had died,
But the mother was close to the youngsters side
Limbs of the tree were all around
The nest still in tact was on the ground
How clear the devotion of the mother for her own
She never would have thought to leave them alone
Then I considered in this "Land of the Brave"
How a young mother sent her own child to the grave
In order to have fun on the town,
wild and selfish known for 'running around'
I learned of a man who killed his wife,
High on drugs, thought nothing of taking a life
And a mother recently drowned her offspring
Because she was 'stressed' is the song they sing,
Yet Men and women on a jury trial
Let the guilty go free or to jail for 'awhile'
This is common and continues each day
And good men and women have little to say,
In days of yore' when wickedness increased
And it seemed evil would never cease
The Creator above in a flood washed the earth
Giving man a new start, and a new birth
Today the evil again reaches the sky
Mankind will pay, he will not get by
It proves to me that as I've heard
Some people don't have the heart or brain of a bird.

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