Through Your Life

We will believe the light and gold,
where the weeks past we will still live where we want to be,
to see how many times will it take to be the right person,
we'll write about the days we've always hated,
all the months we attended this death trap,
but we conquered them,
through the summer and through the year,
opening the door to where we would like to go in life,
going through the spring and listening to why we are still here,
sitting in the chair of depression,
thinking about who will love this person,
we go up to the sky to read our lives under us,
we are the students of who wants to teach us how to love,
seeing the tree of life and the window of opportunity,
down into the winder where people will die for you in the cold,
to like the day you drew on the wall of love,
you are the president of your life,
what next though?
The silver is rusting,
which will bring you down to the floor through the autumn,
you will have to work to proceed in this life of yours,
defeating the deadly horse that rides though your life,
it will drink the poisonous feelings you have inside,
to bring you back to the past, but when will we learn?
We are looking to the clock now,
to see how much time we have left,
to be the person you want to be,
but there is one more question to ask,

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