Through Your Window

I still remember those eyes.
They were so beautiful.
Sparkling like flames, my little emeralds.
You set my heart on fire and you ate my soul.
Unapologetic and bold.
I hadn't came to life until I found your love.
When we were intertwined, we fit just like a glove.
You set my weary mind to peaceful ease, you are the worst disease.
Now we're torn into and nothing's going right.
It's like I was blinded by your holy light.
I used to sweep you off your tired feet and bring you to your knees.
Take my diamond words before they melt like ice.
You always knew your worth while I was overpriced.
My love for you runs deep, eternally, like the deep blue sea.
What you did to me was indescribable.
Graffiti on my heart, you were indelible.
I'll take your cigarettes with a little fun.
You're my blackened lungs.
You like to wear the pearls,
All that debauchery.
You love your taffeta gloves,
And all your jewelry.
Your daddy said to stay away from me,
But you did not heed.
Now you bleed.

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