Throwing Words at the Page

I see woefully obscure poetry as simply a kind of verbal rudeness.
~ Billy Collins

another idea more profound someday i’m

going to compose one of those *ubiquitous obscure poems esoteric like

one might find on sites and poetry magazine

the lines meandering the page like salvador

without punctuation or capitalization lots of white space

pieces of words

ly ish ol fo, etc etc etc
symbols # * { &’s


access appropriate allotments of annoying alliteration
accentuate the widespread art of superfluous metaphor and simile usage

plant a hidden rhyme advance the topical

castigate the ideological forces aligned against common sense

deconstruct the herd instinct of unified thought childish devotion to spurious solutions

the brass of new voices extolling old ideas

the life cycle of all great cultures

if the poem has even a pinch of accessibility

i will rewrite it

*I love this word, used ubiquitously in poetry. It ranks right up there with effulgent, diaphanous, ephemeral, and vituperative in affected usage.

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Poking fun at amateurish obscure poetry.