Thrust of The Spear

Thrust of The Spear

A Soldier holding the eternal Spear opened the way of unveiling soon to change unto a new covenant

The birth of his bride the wound brought for water and blood lamination of adoration of the cross

Alter of sacrifice place of forgiveness the veil of mercy and love he bowed his head in silence

Love had responded with one last drop of sacred blood his greatest embrace

A heart of compassion A thrust of a spear Pierce's within the chambers of his heart

Which drew a flood of living water while fastened upon the gap of eternity
Balance between life and death

Like a glowing Ruby in the Glory of the Resurrection

Seal that draws all eyes and hearts that one day shall look upon the holy one pierced and broken hearted

Returning in his marvelous light
Foundation of life is in the blood the sacred penitence that cleanses the soul

Thrust of the Spear Emblem of salvation stream of life a holy City of God
Joy mingled in pure waves of water baptism by the spirit of life

Blessing and Grace carries the fruitfulness into every thought every prayer ,word ,and deed

Suffering of Christian believers let us gaze the pierced heart of a Savior's love
Sacred Divine Infinity

A Glorious Spring of water he gave the fountain of life for his bride

He that which is and which is to come
The Greatest Conqueror of death and Hell

Thrust of The Spear The beginning and the end the first and the last

To all those that will believe shall inherit eternal life

The bride and bridegroom says Come !

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Spear that made the way of the bride of Christ