Thug Angel

Born in the ghettos that are plagued by poverty
It’s a struggle especially when you are trying to make it honestly
Things can happen on all levels trying to make it to a better state of equality
I meditate without being a feather weight
To achieve something within the American economy
The streets can be a little more than scary do to the murder rates and robberies
While the anger and frustration
Will make you react to certain situations aggressively instead of calmly
Moving ahead needs no hesitation in associations with the honorary
I think of the appropriations of how to nurture the youth while living modestly
How much faith can your holy insurance bring
Among the misery and lonely that don’t have a thing
In poor countries while the rain floods the scene
Living worse than porch junkies addicted to smoking the weight off the triple beams
Knowing how your family and police can shatter your dreams
Is your mind really on the matter of your own progression do you believe
That you can beat the psychological warfare that is active daily in the streets
Where free citizens appear to be held captive in this society
Being confined to where they sleep
How can you survive among people that show no remorse or grief
Depression doesn’t sit right within these weather storms
Some people look forward to the mental manipulations while they speak
Insomnia and paranoia can make you sweat in between the sheets
Verses the thought of viruses behind your encounters with too many loose freaks
Thinking of the misinterpretation of confused mentors that shouldn’t teach
Who’s hearts are opposite of the heavenly filled with treachery and deceit
Words can be used as a form of weaponry
While people want to watch you suffocate before they see you breathe
Living around your favorite play place when you need to learn how to leave
While working with small hands what kind of dirt do you get on your jeans
From a state of innocence how do you form the plots to deceive
Behind your moral principles to try to nurture your own seeds
Sometimes snakes shouldn’t prepare venomous fruit to be ripe for a squeeze
Knowing that people who pretend to be your friends
Are really just your enemies

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