Does the time really tock when your standing still,
does the tick of the clock have a tock that is real?
It's all that you feel when It's all that you see,
when the tick and the tock of the clock break free.
I'm destined to be in the void of free space,
I'm destined to see the clock and Its face.
I know It's a race and I've already won,
a place in the stars sitting next to the sun.
So make me a wish on this fallen grace,
and blow me a kiss to the void of free space.
And race with me to the moon and the sun.
while chasing dreams we'll answer to none.
Imagine the fun and imagine the bliss,
you be the lips and I'll be the kiss.
You be the tick and I'll be the tock,
we'll be the time that ticks in the clock.
A clever endeavor lets make it for real,
together forever we'll never stand still.
So be my tick and tock with me,
and let right now be all we see.

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live in the now. You never know when everything live for will be ripped away .