Tick Tick Tock

Tick, tick, tock, boom , tick, tick
The sound of a machine.
The sound of death.
The sound of war.
The sound of depression.
The sound of misery at its end.
The Sound of a gun
The call that breaks lives apart,
The call that no body wants to get. In the middle of the night or early the next morn, the call that a gun makes in its owners hand.
Cold Steel and Hot Lead
The cold steel in the hand of a cold soul. Spills hot blood onto the ground. The stench of iron in the air as well as decay. Tears flow when they’re found. The chest stops rising
While the heart beat slowly fades.
Tick tick tock boom tick tick
The cry of a wife.
The tears of a mother.
The sorrow of a father.
The anguish of the entire family follows suit.
Tick tick tock boom tick tick
The coroner has been called. The body prepared. The coffin set to rest. The family goes back, boxes up there things when they hear.
Tick Tick Tock Click Tick Tick
Silenced forever only to be hidden in there memories soon forgotten, but forever present in their hearts.

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