Tick Tock

Tick tock gun shot
The time passes by will he live or will he die
Tick tock gun shot
Homies are gone what to do
Now who's gonna stick up for you
You shoulda never got put on
Sorry boo
"It's all good in the hood"
Na it's not good; getting shot with an AK
No that aint good
Getting shot in your own hood
So what's really good?
Numerous shots enter your body, from an SK or is it an AK
They use them in the war
The one that should have never happened
I guess it is a war in the streets
Never ending and never will
Like both wars they never should have happened
Who supplied the weapons for both?
I think it's safe to say the government has a part in that
Once again a mother is left crying from a fallen soldier
On both sides
You two are not that different
Fighting for causes
Good or bad who knows
Tick tock gun shot

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