Tick Tock Clock

"Tick tock, tick tock!"
Shut up I say, you stupid clock!
All you do is mock and mock,
It gets on my nerves and it does that a lot!

When you want me to wake you ought to not,
Start shouting at me, "tick tock tick tock!"
For I know when and what the time of the days,
And I programmed you to be silent always!

I really should go get you fixed,
Or maybe smash you down into tiny bits!
You make my blood boil, it burns the brightest of reds,
When you go "tick tock" I only want to sever my head.

Begone Tick Tock Clock, you demon of sound,
Keep on tocking like that and I'll run you out of town!

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This Poems Story

In all simplicity this poem was really something I wanted to write after staring at a clock for a while in one of my classes during my senior year of high school. Inspired by the sound of it ticking and tocking since the class was often silent, and suddenly the thought of an annoying clock that never stopped making noise was driven into my mind as I wrote away the silly work you see in this poem.