Tick Tock the Maddening Clock

I have been here too long, alone, darkness engulfs me
The quiet is maddening, deafening, disturbing
What was that sound?
The tick tock of the clock
Driving me mad like a shard of glass stuck in my mind
I hear you; your tick tock is like the breath
Of a faint whisper on my cheek
Or the drip of a spigot that refuses to shut off
Leave me be, stop your grievous clamor, I can't take anymore
What was that you say? Me, be quiet!
I do believe you have misplaced blame, stop your accusations of me!
I am in innocence of your indictment; I must be rid of you
You are full of lies! It is not I but you who are the disturber
I will not listen to your unrelenting, ceaseless chatter

I must destroy the damnable gadget
He seeks to make me mad
I secure a weapon, and raise it to strike
Down you go my evil foe! Leave me be in peace and harmony


Tick tock, tick tock, tick tock

The maddening clock has taken my soul
I hear him, he returns, he will never leave me alone

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This Poems Story

I am a counselor, turned writer, when three years ago I sat down to write my memoir. Although my undergrad degree is in English, I hadn't written anything until then. Now, I have written over 40 pages of poetry, self-published my memoir "The Secret to Life: Finding Meaning and Purpose in a Chaotic Society," started a blog, and written several short stoires. I have a new found passion for writing and am excited to see where it takes me!