Tidal Wave

Rumblings beneath a seemingly calm surface
Tremors of pain and fear begin churning
Thoughts lose cohesion, randomly racing
Breaths come too fast, gasping for no air
The wave builds and comes out of my eyes
My world spins out of control, nothing to hold onto
Not even myself, I'm lost
Higher, cresting higher, I'm drowning
Crashing, crushing down on me, lost
The storm rages all around, no escape
Then clouds begin to slowly break
Sanity and reason are reborn
I pull myself to the surface and breathe
Shaking I pull myself to the shore
And collapse in exhaustion
Free until the next time

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This Poems Story

This is a phrase that is thrown around a lot these days, but I want everyone who may read this to know that the struggle, each and every moment of every day, is real. It's a struggle I know well and I want to do my part to end the stigma.